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Becoming A Debutante: “A Young Ladies Rites of Passage

We are so excited to announce our new curriculum.

Becoming A Debutante: “A Young Ladies Rites of Passage” will help certified etiquette instructors and debutante instructors groom young ladies into the woman of God they were called to be. What is Rites of Passage? a significant event in a transitional period of someone’s life. What is a Debutante? A debutante is a girl or young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity and, as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal “debut” presentation.

The Etiquette Professionals Network will help you with the tools you need to set you your “Debutante/Beautillion Program” we are  a spiritually based program designed to empower young ladies with the confidence, self-esteem, class. grace and modesty that young ladies are in need of. Since 2006 our Founder “Ms. Verna Caddie” refined the program and train woman across the United States. If you want to make a difference in the lives of our youth then this is for you.

Become a member of “The Etiquette Professionals Network” (today). Receive training from the experience Debutante Coach.

This is what our young ladies are in need of. Young ladies are trying to find out who they are. Some of the topics that are included:

Community Involvement
Etiquette and Manners
Healthy Living
Organizational Skills
Personal Grooming & Hygiene
Positive Self Image
College and Career Exploration and many other topics of which you will have to help so many young ladies in your church,community,are school.

Debutante Certification $ 600.00 plus $ 200.00 Mentoring



Etiquette Seminars For Moms

As a mother myself, I see the importance of being a role model for my children. Each one of us as parents are role models. Everything we do our children are watching.

This is one of the reasons The Etiquette Professionals Network along with Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions will now offer workshops for moms.

These workshops can be held in private sessions or with your woman’s groups, church woman groups, book clubs, are as a girls night out.

Our workshops will have topics such as:

1. Moms on a mission

2. Etiquette for Moms

3. Posture and Poise

4. Image development

5. Confidence – Having it at any age

6. Protocol – Business and Social

7. Social Grace and Style

8. Loving The Skin Your In

9. Letting Go Of The Pass

10. Make Up and Skin Care Workshop


11. Formal Dining and Social Skills

Each workshop will end with a Photo Session


We offer private and group classes and

Etiquette Workshops For Young Ladies – Become A Certfied Teen Coach

Every young lady need to know her worth. In today’s society many young ladies look to the media to learn how to be a young lady. Which is not always a good thing. Being a Certified Teen Coach you can help many young ladies know their self worth.

Why is it important for a young lady to learn proper “Lady Like Behavior”?

Negative stereotypes of women, many young girls are not taught how to behave in a lady-like manner.

We all want our children to have good relations with their peers as well as have a great self-image. Girls in particular often struggle with poor body image, peer and social pressures to look a certain way, or can lose confidence in their academic abilities during adolescence. Help ensure your daughter grows up to be a strong and confident woman.

What do we know about girls’ self-esteem?

Self-esteem is related to how we feel about ourselves: it’s not just how we look but how we feel about how we look. And it’s not just how successful or smart others say we are, but how confident we feel about our talents and abilities. Consider the following in order to understand the internal and external pressures girls feel, and how these pressures affect the development of their self-esteem:

  • Eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression are the most common mental health problems in girls.
  • 59% of 5–12th grade girls in one survey were dissatisfied with their body shape.
  • 20–40% of girls begin dieting at age 10.
  • By 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys.
  • Among 5–12th graders, 47% said they wanted to lose weight because of magazine pictures.
  • Health risks accompany girls’ drop in self-esteem due to risky eating habits, depression, and unwanted pregnancy

Debutante Instructor Certification

What is a debutante ball?

Debutante balls are formal, grand occasions for women ages 16 to 18. Rooted in a deep history of social class and pageantry, a debutante ball is a formal introduction of a young girl into society.
Since 2006, Ms. Caddie has conducted 7 Annual Debutante/Cotillion Balls. For more information please call (832) 606-2280
Debutantes 2011-2012 photo shoot 002

Debutantes 2010 ball 039000001 1 debutante ball0001 articalIMG_9518

Christian Etiquette Certification Workshops

The Etiquette Professionals Network, now offers workshops to: Church groups, womens ministries,youth ministries.

Workshops are geared to Christians wanting to educate themselves as men and women of God.

Ms. Verna Caddie of The Etiquette Professionals Network will offer monthly workshops. Please call: 1-888-943-0666 for more information.

Please visit: to enroll.

Workshops included are:

Table Manners


Self Esteem


Loving Yourself

Manners and a host of other empowering workshops.

Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Know everything etiquette. Teach your brides and clients everything they need to know about Wedding Etiquette.
* Know how to write a business plan. (For Wedding Planners)
* How to set your rates
* Teach your brides, table etiquette,thank you cards etiquette,ect.
* Learn how to present yourself as a professional
* Guest List Etiquette
* How not to be a bridezilla, teaching your brides social skills
Cost: $480.00 plus $15.00 manual and certificate
Visit:  enroll. Other workshops included in your manual:

 Other Topics will include:
• Announcements
• Stationary
• Rehearsal dinner
• Ceremony
• Reception
• Showers
• Wedding party
• Destination weddings
• Engagement party
• Perceptual agreements
• Thank you notes
• Duties of the wedding attendants
• Receiving lines
• Reception lines




Devine Creations Attends: Barbara Jordan High School for Careers -Young Ladies Day

Sings: "I Look To You" by Whitney Houston

Program for the Deaf and hard of Hearing

On November 05, 2009
Devine Creations was on hand at
 Barbara Jordan High School for Careers 
Young Ladies Day Program.

The auditorium was decorated in gold and blue and this years theme was:
 “Embracing the Future with Dignity and Self Respect.”

Ms. Aquaria Miller,song “God Bless America” and after wards everyone had a moment of silence honoring the men and women fighting for our country.

Ms. Marilyn Redd the Young Ladies Day Program Coordinator ,was on hand for the welcoming.

The program for the deaf and hard of hearing did a wonderful interpretation of “Whitney Houston’s ” I Look To You.
Which should remind all of us that whatever we are going through in our life we should always look to JESUS.

Clearly my favorite skit of the morning was a Dramatic Presentation titled “Failure or Success” with
Ms. Lauren Shavers and Jasmine Shorts.
This skit tells us that we all have the ability to have success in our life, but we must keep our eyes on the prize., the only one who holds the key to success is you.

The guest speakers were, Mrs. Sylvia Bonds-Stewart who is the assistant principal of the school she gave the young ladies her testimony. Mr. Calvin Lawson another guest speaker spoke to the girls about not letting your emotions take over and  make bad decisions., and learning how to control our emotions.

After the speakers spoke to all grade levels
 Ms. Verna Caddie and Mrs. Rona Burns-Williams
(Who are also graduates of Barbara Jordan High School for Careers) 
spoke to the young ladies about
“Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions”
and also about the other different workshops and services that Devine Creations offers to young girls in the community.

During the Young Ladies Day Program, there were also a presentation of academic awards, which was given to several young ladies. One of whom was Devine Creations Queen during Devine Creations 1st Debutante/Cotillion Ball,
 (Ms. Briana Barnett was given a medal of Academic)
You Go Briana!

The morning ended with closing remarks from:
Ms. Marilyn Redd – Young Ladies Day Program Coordinator
Mrs. Sylvia Bonds-Stewart – Assistant Principal
Mrs. Rever Givens- Principal

We would also like to acknowledge the young ladies day committee members, members of the mademoiselles, the ladies of unity and volunteer student assistants, for putting together a wonderful event.
See you next year B.J Jaguars.

For more information Devine Creations please visit:

Devine Destiny- Being A Lady Forever- A Book For Teen Girls

To Recieve A Prom Gown

To Donate Your Gown

Ms. Briana Barnett
( Photo by: Ms. Verna Caddie)

Ms. Briana Barnett
Ms. Devine Creations Queen 2007

Barbara Jordan’s _ Program for the Deaf and hard of Hearing
Interpretive Presentation
“I Look To You”
Whitney Houston

Ms. Marilyn Redd and Mrs. Rona Burns-Williams

Mrs. Rever Givens
Barbara Jordan High School for Careers

Mrs. Sylvia Bonds-Stewart
Barbara Jordan High School for Careers
Asst. Principal






African American Males Now Have A Etiquette Program Just For Them

African American Males Now Have A Etiquette Program Just For Them


Devine Creations Now Currently offer a program for males:

Devine Distinguished Gentlemens is modern day program for young men between the ages or 8-17.  Our gentlemen’s  program develops and prepares our young men for society through an enriched  refinment process.

With so many young guys wearing their pants down,leaving nothing to the imagination is very disrespectful. In today’s society not many young men even wear suits,and do not know how to tie a tie.

My motto is: ” If they know better,than they will do better”., This is why Devine Creations, will began a new program designed to help young men be the best that they can be.

Devine Creations will offer workshops to young men such as:
1. Empowerment
2. Goal Setting
3. The Importance of Character
4. Taking Responsibility
5. Handling Peer Pressure
6. Money Management
7. Classical Dance
and a host of other empowering workshops ending with a Cotillion Ball, where he will escort a young lady to a Beautiful Ball.

If you know of a young man who would be interested in the upcoming workshops please call: 832-606-2280 or visit our website: for more information.

African American Males Now Have A Etiquette Program Just For Them