Etiquette Certification

Become a certified etiquette consultant today,and begin making a difference in the lives of our youth. Teach etiquette,manners,charm,self esteem,life skills,loving yourself and others,stop the hate,love yourself ,how to be a lady forever,social graces,table etiquette and a host of other empowering workshops. Start making a difference.

Devne Creations Debutante Cotillions Table Etiquette Course

Table Etiquette

             “Table Etiquette Course”

  • Appropriate Behavior at the Table
  • Mealtime Conversation
  • Handling Utensils and Eating Various Food
  • Proper use of the Napkins, Glassware and Dishes
  • How and When to Enter and Exit the Table
  • How to Seat a Girl or Woman
  • Giving Toasts and Responding to Toasts
  • Host and Guest Behaviors
  • How to Set the Table
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