Etiquette Events

 Devine Creations will host “”Empower Me Sister”

Leadership Institute is a program of Devine Creations & Casting Your Cares, Inc. The Devine Creations “Empower Me Sister” and Girl Power Summer Camp” is designed to instill leadership skills and self-esteem in pre-teen and teen girl’s ages 12-18 years old through mentorship and teachings.

“Empower Me Sister”


Girl Power Summer Camp

Program: 5 Week Program – Saturdays 10 am – 1pm – Lunch included

 Etiquette and You

 Internet Safety & social Networking

 Bullying

 Knowledge Is Power

 Achieving Your Dreams

 Presenting Yourself in Public

 Make Up and Skin Care

 Poise/Posture/Appropriate Attire

 Loving Yourself No Matter What

 Good Relationship & Bad Relationships

 Fine Dinning

Upon completion each young lady will receive a certificate of completion, a group photo shoot and gift bags.

Call Now To Registrar: (832) 606-2280



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