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Christian Etiquette Certification Workshops

The Etiquette Professionals Network, now offers workshops to: Church groups, womens ministries,youth ministries.

Workshops are geared to Christians wanting to educate themselves as men and women of God.

Ms. Verna Caddie of The Etiquette Professionals Network will offer monthly workshops. Please call: 1-888-943-0666 for more information.

Please visit: www.theetiquetteprofessinalsnetwork.com to enroll.

Workshops included are:

Table Manners


Self Esteem


Loving Yourself

Manners and a host of other empowering workshops.



Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Know everything etiquette. Teach your brides and clients everything they need to know about Wedding Etiquette.
* Know how to write a business plan. (For Wedding Planners)
* How to set your rates
* Teach your brides, table etiquette,thank you cards etiquette,ect.
* Learn how to present yourself as a professional
* Guest List Etiquette
* How not to be a bridezilla, teaching your brides social skills
Cost: $480.00 plus $15.00 manual and certificate
Visit: www.theetiquetteprofessionalsnetwork.org  enroll. Other workshops included in your manual:

 Other Topics will include:
• Announcements
• Stationary
• Rehearsal dinner
• Ceremony
• Reception
• Showers
• Wedding party
• Destination weddings
• Engagement party
• Perceptual agreements
• Thank you notes
• Duties of the wedding attendants
• Receiving lines
• Reception lines