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Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Wedding Etiquette Certification & Seminars

Know everything etiquette. Teach your brides and clients everything they need to know about Wedding Etiquette.
* Know how to write a business plan. (For Wedding Planners)
* How to set your rates
* Teach your brides, table etiquette,thank you cards etiquette,ect.
* Learn how to present yourself as a professional
* Guest List Etiquette
* How not to be a bridezilla, teaching your brides social skills
Cost: $480.00 plus $15.00 manual and certificate
Visit: www.theetiquetteprofessionalsnetwork.org  enroll. Other workshops included in your manual:

 Other Topics will include:
• Announcements
• Stationary
• Rehearsal dinner
• Ceremony
• Reception
• Showers
• Wedding party
• Destination weddings
• Engagement party
• Perceptual agreements
• Thank you notes
• Duties of the wedding attendants
• Receiving lines
• Reception lines