Become A Member: “The Etiquette Professionals Network”

Become A Certified Etiquette Consultant

Become A Certified Etiquette Consultant


The road to success is paved with those who were ill-prepared to compete. To be recognized and extended opportunities, college students and those beginning to compete in the business arena must combine a solid education with other skills, especially the basics of business etiquette and dining. What you don’t know can hurt you as you ascend the corporate ladder. Irrespective of the chosen profession, young professionals bound for the workplace must demonstrate self-confidence and be able to interact comfortably in many environments.

  • Self-esteem and Confidence Building
  • Meetings and Introductions
  • Shaking Hands and Forms of Address
  • Conversation and Listening Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Dating
  • Personal Qualities
  • Nutrition
  • Etiquette of Public Places
  • Public Speaking
  • Employment
  • Invitations/Thank You Notes
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Relationships
  • Goal Setting

all of these qualities are needed for young teens to compete in the job market.

For more information on becoming a Certified Etiquette Consultant.. Please contact: Ms. Verna Caddie- Founder of Devine Creations

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